Train Your Puppy Dog To Listen


To train your puppy dog to listen is easier than you think. We often blame our puppy for not listening when in fact it is usually our own fault. All too often, we utter commands with the expectation that our puppy actually understands them. This is one of the most common errors that we can make. To get your puppy to listen to you, you will need to combine your words with actions.

If someone said to you "zitten", unless you understood Dutch, it is very unlikely that you would know it meant "sit" in English. However, if you were forced to sit down every time you heard the word "zitten", you would soon associate the word with its English equivalent.

Since dogs are thought to be less intelligent than ourselves (most of us anyway), consider how difficult it is for them to understand our spoken language. Words must be reinforced with actions.

A common mistake for example, is to expect the pup to sit before it has associated the word "sit" with the action of being seated. Repeating the command, no matter how loud or how often, will do nothing but make you hoarse and accomplish little else.

Once your puppy has associated a word with a specific action, it will better understand what is required of it when you give it a word command on its own.

Choose a quiet area if possible, so that there will be fewer distractions around when training your puppy. Don’t expect it to listen to you, if you are giving it commands in a house full of noisy children. A dog’s sense of hearing is much more acute than our own and it can become easily distracted as a result.

There’s no need to shout commands, but the word(s) should be clear and concise. Commands should be brief. Don’t string too many words together. This way it will be easier for your puppy to understand what is required and will also make it more attentive. In other words, your puppy dog will listen to what you saying.

Remember that your puppy dog will want to please you. Make it easier for it to do this by giving commands that are short, to the point and given in a relatively quiet location. As your puppy gets older, it will be able to filter out any background or distracting noise when required and listen to your commands alone.

Casper Listen

When training your puppy dog to listen , the use of treats is very effective and can be used as an enticement for it to listen to you and act on your commands. Make sure, however, that any treat is not given on a full stomach as this will provide less of an incentive. Also make sure that the training sessions are not too long. Lengthy sessions will only invite boredom.

Training should be carried out frequently but for short periods of time. Good habits will produce good results. And last of all. Training should be fun for both you and your puppy dog.




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