Puppy Obedience Training


There are many different ideas amongst dog trainers on puppy obedience training. This also applies to the many books that have been written on the subject. Even with the same breed, one issue that is often forgotten is that not all dogs are alike. Like us, they each have their own character and what works well for one puppy may not work for the other. You will need to find what works best for you when training your puppy.

Many puppies love digging. The terrier breed is a good example of this and it is not uncommon for them to eat the soil. If your puppy does this, try creating a special space for it to use and make sure that the area is free of contaminates or other dangerous items. One idea is to use a child’s sandbox filled with sand or top soil. A few toys can then be buried in it for the puppy to dig up and play with. When your puppy uses a particular area that you have allocated, praise him or her but when they dig up your flower bed, don’t. Your puppy will want to please you, so bear this in mind during training and don’t be harsh with them. Different puppies will learn at different rates so be patient if your puppy seems a bit slow.

Puppies can also become anxious when left alone. This can result in damage to your home or furnishings if you leave the puppy alone in the house for extended periods. Chewing on that new sofa you just bought or soiling the carpet is not what you want to come back to when you return from the supermarket. This is a good reason for spending more time with the puppy while it is young. In doing this, you can at least keep a close eye on them and point them in the right direction when they do something you consider to be wrong.

Bulldog Puppy

Puppy obedience training will become easier the more often that you do it. It will become habit forming for both you and the puppy and will help to cement your relationship. Like young children, puppies will always play and on occasion misbehave. Always keep in mind that your puppy wants to please you. If you get anything from reading this, let it be that last statement. Any future relationship you have with your puppy will dependent upon it.



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